Social activity with Ichino Corporation

We are working on various social issues through the world of papier-mache born from human hands.
[Photo: Takasaki JC salmon mache conferment scene] We have produced a mache for the "Salmon fry release project" conducted by the Takasaki Youth Chamber (Takasaki JC).
[Photo: Repair scene and installation scene of Takasaki Ebisu kou] We repaired the statue of Ebisu-sama used in the Takasaki Ebisu kou held every November. Our company produces papier-mache for the awarded product "Meto Ebisu" every year.
[Photo: papier-mache WORK SHOP]

Initiatives in other genres


The paper urn used for the natural funeral (the burial method which depends on the nature beyond the sect) is made with papier-mache. A simple paper urn with Japanese paper pasted on the finish.
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