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[Bruno Julius Florian Taut (May 4, 1880 – December 24, 1938) is an architect and city planner born in Konigsberg, East Prussia, Germany. The monument of iron (1910) and the house of glass (1914) were renowned and were known as expressionist architects. ]
One of the things inherited from Taut-sensei-Mizuhara was “do not imitate”
This is strongly criticized in Dr. Taut’s book.
He praised Katsura Imperial Villa in “Rediscovery of Japanese Beauty” as saying, “The beauty of art is not a simple form of beauty, but the existence of infinite thought and spiritual connection behind it.” Toshogu Shrine is described as “decoration-in a place where the Buddhist decorations are used to make up for the lack of architecture.”

Takasaki Daruma and easy / easy

[Put your own brush into the Takasaki Daruma]
“Takasaki Dharma”, which is my occupation, has a history of about 300 years, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of Japan’s leading products as a folk craft and lucky item, from the perspective of production, history and design. Do you?
However, the living environment in Japan has been changing from tatami to flooring and from CRT televisions to flat-panel televisions.
There is the word “easy (something that can be changed and something that cannot be changed)”. I believe that the tradition of “Taisaki Dharma” inherited by “Takasaki Dharma” is “lucky things” and “hariko’s technique”. People’s worries do not go away as long as they are alive, so purchasing “lucky things” and praying to alleviate the variety of worries will ease your anxiety.
Tatsuma Takasaki has a prayer statement on both sides of his face, and usually he can write all wishes such as success in business, safety in the house, prayer for success, fulfillment of a large application, and prayer for election. With it all the wishes can be covered with dharma, isn’t this the ego of the creator? I also think.

The backbone of creating a smile

[The Harikoshika®️ series was developed as a lucky charm that will match the new era]
Do you think there are many women who think Dharma fits into their current living space?
It’s good to have something cute, relieved to see, or something you want to pick up, which is the starting point of our departure.
And with the fusion of the two inherited from “Takasaki Dharma” and the spiritual inheritance from both Taut and Mizuhara, we are still developing products through trial and error.
As a mascot of the papier-mache, the form that does not need to escape to excessive decoration (coloring), the soft but sharpened form like a papier-mache, and the coloring that suits it come from the backbone of “creating a smile”.
The goal is to “make a smile” for the customers who purchase, the dealers who select and sell our products from among them, and the planning and production engineers. As a posture to make that smile
1. Don’t imitate, stick to the original design, and strictly prohibit maneting.
2) The stickers of Daruma’s beard, which can be made on the premise of hand-made and hand-painted, are good.
3) Proposal of lucky mascots suitable for the region.
4 What is different from products, pottery, and glass that express the character of papier-mache?
There is another thing that is used as a backbone.
Dr. Mizuhara’s goal was to interact with various seniors. Dr. Kanjiro Kawai is one of the leading artists of the folk art movement proposed by Dr. Muneyoshi Yanagi.
Words that I value from the teacher’s preaching.
[Everything is my expression]
[I’ll buy things も の buy myself]
[Work that does not pursue beauty]
[Beauty chases after work]
[People who do not walk]
[People who become the road after walking]
Exhibit: Kanjiro Kawai’s vocabulary “Window of Life”
I walk every day while biting these words.
Takada Nakata