Notice of company name change

Thank you very much for your special praise.

By the way, our company has changed its name to Ichino Co., Ltd. on May 1st.

Acty Daimonya, the former company name, is a section of “ Papier Mache ” and “ Lucky goods ” in 1989, meaning that it takes action to make customers smile with new product development and new technology, and some Took the name.

The name will be changed over the course of 30 years, not to mention innovation in products, technologies, and markets, but in the future, to develop products and technologies for sustainable society toward ethical consumption to the world. For this reason, we chose three characters that are easy for the world to pronounce.

Also, if you change the word order, the company name “Ichino” becomes “life”. It was received from Dr. Kanjiro Kawai’s “Window of Life”, one of the founders of the folk art movement that I respect, and was recombined. I have heard that my teacher, Mr. Tokugen Mizuhara, also had an exchange with Dr. Kanjiro Kawai.

With the feeling of further improving the flow of “folk art”, one of Japanese culture, with halicoism.

We will work harder to develop our business and make our customers smile.

We look forward to your continued support.


Tamotsu Nakata, President and Representative Director