■ The CEO himself is the artist

■Just this
Rice (adhesive base), recycled paper and Japanese paper

■Ichino Incorporated

Our company designs and manufactures traditional Japanese papier-mâché items called hariko. We are based in Takasaki, Gunma, in the heart of Japan. Our hariko creations are made with recycled paper and traditional Japanese washi paper, so they are both beautiful and environmentally-friendly. We strive to constantly improve our company by putting modern spins on the crafting techniques that we have developed over the years to ensure that our products continue to bring smiles to people’s faces.

■What are hariko? ~Ichino’s mission~

Hariko are a traditional Japanese folk craft. The process involves pasting layers of Japanese washi paper around a mold and letting the paper dry. The figure is then painted, first with a white undercoat, and then with color by a skilled artisan. Because each piece is crafted and painted by hand, they have a uniquely round and warm feeling. Hariko have long been a popular choice as charms sold at temples and shrines and are often sold on temple grounds during New Year’s worship and celebrations. In recent years, they have been rediscovered by various businesses as sustainably-designed craft products that can be used as novelty items or gifts. We offer OEM manufacturing services to such businesses in an effort to promote the charms of hariko in the modern era.