Order of women’s pictorial “Hariko Shika beckoning cat (pattern)” posted.

Our papier-mache product “Hariko Shika Beckoning Cat (Pattern)” is available in the women’s pictorial order vol.71. A lot of backordered products celebrating the New Year carefully selected by Ladies Pictorial are published.

Exhibit at Ambiente2020

Ambiente is one of the largest international consumer goods fairs in the world. This is an important business platform for launching new products and placing orders. Consumer goods trends sent by Ambiente are highly supported by industry players. We are going to open a store in Japan style booth.
Dates February 7 (Fri)-11 (Tue) 2020
Venue Frankfurt International Trade Fair, Germany
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
open time
Day 1 9: 00-18: 00 Industry only
Day 2 9: 00-18: 00 Only for those involved in the industry
Day 3 9: 00-18: 00
Day 4 9: 00-18: 00
Day 5 9: 00-17: 00 Industry only
■Trade fair website(https://ambiente.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en.html)

Our ODM papier-mache will be sold at the Snoopy Museum.

ODM papier-mache made by our company (dog dish / open commemorative faron)
* Not sold by our company.

“ Browns store ” full of various original goods “ only here in the world ”

■ ODM-made papier-mache will be sold at the Snoopy Museum, which will be relocated and opened at the commercial facility “Minami Machida Granbury Park” in Machida, Tokyo.

・Snoopy Museum Tokyo(https://snoopymuseum.tokyo/s/smt/?ima=0000)
・Minamimachida base creation project(http://minami-machida.town/)

Introduced at NHK News Shibu 5:00

■Paper urns “MIMI POD” and “HONE POD” are broadcast on NHK「Sibu 5 o’cloc」.

Mono magazine (mono magazine) Latest issue: October 16, 2019 (released October 02, 2019) The product was published in World Photo Press.

■Our pachinko product was published in the October issue of Mono Magazine.
[Feature] Amulets, lucky charms, and good luck goods!

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■Click here to purchase zodiac / lucky items. Click on the logo to jump to the online shop site.

Opening the 5th Ending Industry Exhibition (ENDEX)


Date: August 20 (Tue)-22 (Thu), 2019
10: 00 to 17:00
Venue @ Tokyo Big Sight West 2 Hall

Our booth number 4-5

■5th Ending Industry Exhibition (ENDEX)home page

■ Visitor Information

We will exhibit at interiorlifestyle TOKYO 2019

Held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 17 (Wed)-19 (Fri), 2019 This is an international trade fair that focuses on the heart of Tokyo and co-creates a lifestyle market six months from now.
Our exhibit frame number: West Hall 3 ACCENT H-51
interiorlifestyle TOKYO homepage
Visitor Information

“Mede” released to the general market

From this year, we launched “Meide Tai” (No. 6, No. 8, No. 7: No. 6 from the left of the photo) renewed for the general market.
Please contact us for terms and conditions, wholesale price, etc.
Hariko Online (our official online shop)

Notice of company name change

Thank you very much for your special praise.
We have changed our company name to Ichino Co., Ltd. on May 1st

Acty Daimonya, the former company name, is a section of “ Papier Mache ” and “ Lucky lucky goods ” in 1989, meaning that it takes action to make customers smile with new product development and new technology, and some Took the name.

The name will be changed over the course of 30 years, not to mention innovation in products, technologies, and markets, but in the future, to develop products and technologies for sustainable society toward ethical consumption to the world. For this reason, we chose three characters that are easy for the world to pronounce.

Also, if you change the word order, the company name “Ichino” becomes “life”. It was received from Dr. Kanjiro Kawai’s “Window of Life”, one of the founders of the folk art movement that I respect, and was recombined. I have heard that my teacher, Mr. Tokugen Mizuhara, also had an exchange with Dr. Kanjiro Kawai.

With the feeling of further improving the flow of “folk art”, one of Japanese culture, with halicoism.

We will work harder to develop our business and make our customers smile.

We look forward to your continued support

Tamotsu Nakata, President and Representative Director Ichino Co., Ltd. 

[Notice of correction of catalog error]

Thank you for using our products. This time, in our May 2019 doll catalog (continued product), there was an error in the description. We apologize deeply and will revise as follows.

Applicable products: Harikoshika ® Kotobuki (JAN4528624060249)

× Premium (excluding tax) 3,000 yen → ○ Premium (excluding tax) 3,500 yen

[Creation of a whole new washi-mache]

「Trademark registration pending-Habutari」

An all-new Japanese paper papier-mache was presented at the international trade fair for interior design, “Interior Lifestyle Living.”
A reference product is on display at the exhibition hall using our unique technique of laminating Japanese paper.
■We also accept OEM orders for next year. (Click to OEM consultation page)

[IFFT/インテリア ライフスタイル リビング出展決定]

インテリア・デザインのための国際見本市『インテリア ライフスタイル リビング』への出展が決定しました。

■2018年11月14日(水) - 16日(金)に東京ビッグサイト 西1・2ホール+アトリウムにて開催いたします。
■ホール  : West Hall 3
■小間番号: H-32
■ゾーン  : ACCENT

Atrium special zone アトリウム特別企画 [はじまりの仕事展 A Story of Beginning]

We showcase our writing attitude toward “creating a sustainable society” from the perspective of manufacturing with our products in mind.

[Notice of changes in product specifications at exhibitions]
Exhibition Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2018 Exhibition decision]
We have decided to participate in “Interior Lifestyle”, an international trade fair for interior design.

■May 30 (Wed) – June 1 (Fri), 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1,3,4 + Atrium
■Hall  : West Hall 3
■Booth number: h-02
■Zone  : ACCENT
On arrival
Admission is not permitted for persons under the age of 18 and the general public, as this is a commercial trade fair for business purposes.
Pets are not allowed to enter.
Please note that no exhibits can be purchased.

interior lifestyle tokyo


[Notice of change of dog mache series design and price revision]
The picture / price of our dog mache (for general market) will change.
* The new price will be applied from 2018.8.1.
* The patterns up to now will continue as products for shrines and temples. (No price change)
Mini 500 yen → 600 yen
No. 1 ¥ 1,000 ¥ 1,300
No.2 ¥ 1,500 → ¥ 1,800
No. 3 ¥ 2,000 → ¥ 2,500
No. 4 ¥ 3,000 ¥ 3,500
No. 1 with denden 1,500 yen → 1,800 yen
# 1 (new product) 1,800 yen

[About some package changes]
We have changed the package of Koinobori Kaze from delivery and release in April.

[About the arrival of sold-out products]
“Inu hariko No. 1 white finish / no face” and “Inu hariko mini white finish / no face”, which are out of stock since December, will be available in mid January.
It will be released at our official online shop “Kariko Online” as soon as it arrives.
Please wait for a while.

Our company was introduced to the curation site tabi labo.

TABI LABO(Click to Link)
  — NEW —
  Start new program “TAKI BITO” on TOKYO MX TV!

[59th Japan Folk Art Competition Exhibition Excellence Award]

At the Japan Folk Crafts Exhibition held by the Japan Crafts Foundation, our company “Display Dog won the Excellence Award.”

※ Click on the image to go to the “Nippon Kogeikan website”

[2017 Good Design Gunma]

Our company “Inu hariko White (with white finish / with face)”, “Wanko Shika” and “Inu hariko (Large / Small)” have been selected as Good Design Gunma selection products in 2017.

* Click on the image to go to “Gunma Prefecture Homepage”

[We will open a ending industry exhibition ]

■ Tokyo Big Sight East 5 Hall from Wednesday, August 23 to Friday, August 25, 2017
■ Hall : West Hall 3
■ Booth number: G-22
■ Zone : ACCENT

[Sales of the zodiac will start on Hariko Online from August 1st. ]

The 2018 Zodiac (dog) papier-mache will be sold on our online shop from August 1, 2017.
hariko online(Official online shop )(Click to open online shop page)

[Exhibition interior lifestyle Tokyo exhibition decision]

■ The event will be held from June 14 (Wed) to 16 (Fri), 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1, 3, 4 + Atrium,
Exhibition at “Interior Lifestyle”, an international trade fair for interior design, has been decided.
■ Hall : West Hall 3
■ Booth number: G-22
■ Zone : ACCENT
On arrival
Admission is not permitted for persons under the age of 18 and the general public, as this is a commercial trade fair for business purposes.
Pets are not allowed to enter.
Please note that no exhibits can be purchased.

interior lifestyle tokyo


[About magazine anan product listing]

Our product “Hariko Shika® @ Maneki Neko (Pattern)” will be featured in the magazine anan published by Magazine House (No. 2039, released on February 1st).

Magazine House Company / anan (LINK)
Inquiries about purchasing our products
Official online shop “Hariko Online”

[Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2017 exhibition decision]

This year, we will be exhibiting at the Interior Lifestyle Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.

・ Interior lifestyle exhibition

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo
Interior Lifestyle Tokyo/インテリア ライフスタイル(LINK)
■ Date
June 14 (Wed) – 16 (Fri), 2017
Holding time 10:00-18:00 (until 16:30 on the last day)
■ Venue
Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) West 1, 3, 4 Hall + Atrium
■ Organizer
Mesago Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd.
■ Entrance fee 2,000 yen
* Free for invitees and pre-registered visitors
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Japan Trade and Investment Exchange Promotion Association (MIPRO)


[Started downloading story-books and Paper-mache / May doll catalogs]

We started downloading catalogs of story-books, two kinds of papier-mache, and a new May doll in 2017.

Story-telling picture books and papier-mache catalog download(LINK)
May Doll (Macheko) Catalog Download(LINK)

[Japan Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Award]

Our papier-mache “Hariko Shika® @ Maneki Neko” received the 58th Japan Folk Art Competition Exhibition “Japan Broadcasting Corporation President Award”.
はりこーシカ®︎招き猫 柄
はりこーシカ®︎招き猫 柄

Japan Crafts Foundation(LINK)

3-7-6 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
Phone 06-6641-6309 FAX 06-6641-9310

Acty Daimonya Co., Ltd. Official Online Shop「hariko Online

■Harikoshika®︎ Maneki Neko(LINK)

[Good Design Gunma Selected Products]

Our papier-mache “Hariko Shika® @ Beckoning Cat White” and “Pain Urn Water Ring (Suirin)” were selected as Good Design Gunma products in 2016.
Harikoshika®Maneki-Neko (beckoning cat)White
aper urn “ water ring ”

■Gunma Prefecture Home Page(LINK)
Ministry of Industry and Economy Industrial Promotion Division
〒371-8570 1-1-1 Otemachi, Maebashi
Phone 027-226-3352
FAX 027-221-3191
Acty Daimonya Co., Ltd. Official Online Shop「hariko ON LINE 
■Harikoshika®Maneki-Neko (beckoning cat)White(LINK)
For inquiries about our products, please use the form below.
Ichino Inruiry Form