-We will take action for the creation of a sustainable (sustainable) society, company, and manufacturing-

Issues such as poverty, human rights and climate change are becoming “urgent issues” around the world. Above all, climate change was required in 1997 with the Kyoto Conference on Global Warming Prevention and the Paris Agreement in 2015, which demanded a lifestyle with a low environmental impact, including CO2 reduction and de-plasticization. No longer goes.

Papier mache, a traditional craft, is made from recycled paper as a raw material, and is painted and painted. Recycled paper is an excellent material that is easy to dispose of from an ecological point of view.On the other hand, painting uses petroleum-based paints and paints that have a high environmental load as usual, and there is a lack of awareness of the environmental load at the time of disposal. I had it.

“Thinking and providing responsibilities for the entire process, from the production of the product to the recycling of the product.”

Ichino Co., Ltd. will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by building a new papier-mache (harikoism) that is compatible with ethical consumption.