[2020 May Doll Catalog]

[2020 General Meedi Bream Catalog]

[2020 Zodiac Catalog]
※ There was a mistake in the display size notation. Correctly, it is 60cm wide x 31cm deep x 39cm high.

[Zodiac catalog for 2020 shrines and temples]

[2019 May Doll Catalog]

[2019 Zodiac Catalog]

[Zodiac catalog for 2019 shrines and temples]

[2018 Zodiac Catalog]

[Zodiac catalog for 2018 shrines and temples]

[Harikoshika® Maneki Neko Cat Catalog]

[Story-telling picture book and papier-mache catalo]

[2017 May Doll Catalog]

[2017 Zodiac Catalog]

[“Ka-cho Fu-Getsu series Catalog]

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